Detailed Information

BVSC + The Specialist Clinic, located in Albany Creek, Queensland, Australia, is a renowned veterinary facility founded in 2004 by Dr. Rod Straw. Specializing in providing top-notch medical and surgical care for pets, BVSC is dedicated to offering compassionate and specialized treatment to ensure the well-being of every animal that walks through its doors. The team at BVSC believes that pets are family members deserving of the highest quality care, and they work tirelessly to uphold this belief.

At BVSC, a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals collaborates to deliver exceptional care to pets and their owners. With a commitment to ending pain and suffering in animals and enhancing the Human-Animal bond, BVSC strives to provide genuine attention and ethical treatment to every patient. The clinic boasts a state-of-the-art facility equipped with the latest technology, allowing the team to lead the way in animal health, education, and research. BVSC’s dedication to advancing knowledge and exploring new treatment options sets them apart as a leader in the field of veterinary care.

Driven by a sense of ethical responsibility to their animal patients, clients, staff, and the community, BVSC is more than just a veterinary clinic—it is a place where pets receive the best care possible. With a focus on fostering creativity and collaboration, BVSC continues to push boundaries in animal healthcare, striving to improve the quality of life for all furry companions. If you are looking for a compassionate and dedicated team to care for your pet, BVSC + The Specialist Clinic is the ideal choice.