Detailed Information

Busimann’s Dog Training is a reputable and established dog training business based in Melbourne Eastern & Outer Eastern Suburbs. Founded in 2005 by Roger Busiko and a dedicated team, the business offers a unique approach to dog training that focuses on positive, force-free methods. By clearly communicating with the dogs and providing reinforcement for desired behaviors, Busimann’s Dog Training ensures that dogs enjoy the training process and willingly engage in learning new behaviors. The business specializes in group classes, private consultations for behavioral issues, and assistance dog training using clicker training techniques.

The philosophy at Busimann’s Dog Training is centered around setting dogs up for success, which in turn sets owners up for success in their training journey. By empowering dogs to make choices and offering them the best reinforcement opportunities, the business creates a harmonious and enjoyable training experience for both dogs and their owners. With a focus on building a strong bond between dogs and their owners, Busimann’s Dog Training emphasizes the importance of positive reinforcement and clear communication to achieve training goals effectively.

With a wealth of experience in various dog training disciplines and certifications from reputable organizations, Busimann’s Dog Training is dedicated to providing high-quality, force-free training solutions for dogs of all breeds and ages. Whether it’s obedience training, assistance dog training, or scent detection trials, the business prides itself on helping dogs reach their full potential through positive reinforcement methods. If you’re looking for a professional and compassionate approach to dog training in the Melbourne area, Busimann’s Dog Training is the ideal choice for fostering a strong and rewarding relationship with your canine companion.