Detailed Information

Burwood Stud, established over 40 years ago by Noel and Christine Denning, is a renowned standardbred stud located in Australia’s prime racing region of Queensland. Originally envisioned as a spelling farm for young horses and broodmares, Burwood Stud has evolved into a leading nursery known for producing champion racehorses. The Denning family, including son Jonathon and grandson Caleb, continues to uphold the legacy of excellence and dedication that defines Burwood Stud.

Spanning 1500 fertile acres of basalt and limestone country, Burwood Stud offers a comprehensive range of services for commercial breeders, from impregnation to foaling. The stud boasts a strong client base that entrusts their mares and foals to the expert care provided at the Darling Downs nursery. With a focus on quality breeding and meticulous attention to detail, Burwood Stud has seen success both on the racetrack and in auction sales, showcasing an impressive track record of producing winning horses.

Home to esteemed resident stallions Franco Nelson and Changeover, Burwood Stud leverages the expertise of renowned veterinary surgeon Dr. Francois Viljoen and his team to ensure the health and well-being of all horses on the property. The stud’s commitment to excellence extends to offering semen transport facilities and generous discounts on multiple bookings. Visitors are welcome to experience the world-class facilities and witness firsthand the dedication and passion that drive Burwood Stud’s ongoing success in the racing industry.