Detailed Information

Burmese Australia is a reputable breeder specializing in award-winning and genetically sound Burmese cats. With a roster of celebrity clients including Hollywood actor Eric Bana and his cat Pluto, comedian Kitty Flanagan and her cat Sarge, as well as TV and radio personality John Stanley and his cats Trolley and Trilley, the business has garnered a strong following among cat enthusiasts.

Aside from breeding top-quality Burmese cats, Burmese Australia also offers exclusive boarding services for their Suchi Burmese customers. The business prides itself on providing a personalized and attentive experience for both the cats and their owners, ensuring a high level of care and comfort for all furry companions.

Customers who support Burmese Australia by purchasing their kittens and cat supplies directly from the on-site store play a crucial role in sustaining the business. By choosing to support a small, family-owned operation over larger chain competitors, loyal customers enable Burmese Australia to continue offering top-notch products and services to the delight of cat lovers everywhere.