Detailed Information

Burgess S L is a reputable and established animal breeding business specializing in breeding and raising high-quality Labrador Retrievers. With a strong focus on breeding healthy and well-tempered Labradors, Burgess S L has gained a solid reputation for producing top-notch puppies that make excellent family pets and working dogs.

Our breeding program at Burgess S L is dedicated to maintaining the breed standards of Labrador Retrievers while also emphasizing traits such as intelligence, loyalty, and good temperament. We take pride in our ethical breeding practices and ensure that all our dogs receive the best care, nutrition, and socialization to produce happy and well-adjusted puppies.

At Burgess S L, we are committed to providing ongoing support and guidance to our customers, ensuring a smooth transition for both the new owners and the puppies. Our passion for Labrador Retrievers drives us to continue improving our breeding program and producing exceptional dogs that bring joy and companionship to families for years to come.