Detailed Information

Bungower Labradors is a family-owned business located on the picturesque Mornington Peninsula in Victoria. Run by the dedicated couple Rob and Amanda, along with their daughter Sam, this breeding operation specializes in producing litters of Labradors with sound body and mind. Their mission is to uphold the integrity of the breed while promoting the loyal and smart nature that Labradors are known for.

The journey of Bungower Labradors began with their beloved Labrador, Macey, who was a cherished member of their family for nearly 16 years. Following Macey’s passing, they welcomed Bonnie into their home in 2017, a black Labrador with a remarkable aptitude for activities like scent training and search and rescue. The bond between Bonnie and Rob led them to complete assistance dog training, with Bonnie now providing invaluable support in social and public settings, as well as aiding in mental health stimulation.

In 2021, Bungower Labradors expanded their furry family with Luna, a sociable and inquisitive yellow Labrador who is currently training in therapy work alongside Bonnie. Committed to giving back, Bungower Labradors donates one puppy from each litter to support emergency service workers affected by PTSD. With Luna’s arrival, Bungower Labradors officially began their breeding journey, guided by mentorship from Kristie at Sohali Spirit Labradors. For those seeking a loyal and loving companion, Bungower Labradors welcomes inquiries about purchasing a puppy.