Detailed Information

Bucket ‘O’ Beef is a South Australian manufacturer of premium, 100% natural, handcrafted pet food, specializing in producing high-quality pet food products using locally sourced, human-grade ingredients. With over 30 years of experience and collaboration with nutritionists and industry specialists, we have developed what we proudly call “ultra-premium pet food.” Our range includes a variety of products, from raw biological diets to unique muesli for dogs, all made with a focus on preserving the integrity of nutrients through low processing and natural preservation methods.

  • Slow Cooked Pet Food
  • Biologically Appropriate Raw Food
  • Raw Meats and Bones
  • Air Dried Treats and Dry Food
  • Ancestral Recipes, our “muesli” for dogs

Committed to supporting local communities, Bucket ‘O’ Beef sources ingredients locally, employs local workers, and supports local farmers. Our products are free from preservatives and are preserved using natural antioxidants. We are fully accredited under the SA Primary Produce Act and have been serving customers since 1991 from our location in Adelaide’s inner south at Edwardstown. We offer home delivery services to South Australian metro areas and nationwide, making it convenient for pet owners to access our extensive menu of pet food options tailored to suit every taste and budget.