Detailed Information

Broula Cavoodles & Poodles is a boutique, home-operated specialty breeder located on the beautiful Fraser Coast just outside Hervey Bay, Queensland. Specializing in First Generation Cavoodles (F1), Purebred Toy, and Miniature Poodles, we are dedicated to breeding for correctness, type, and color. Our breeding program focuses on maintaining the highest standards of quality and ethics, ensuring our puppies are well-adjusted, carefree, and raised in a loving home environment.

As a registered breeder and a member of Dogs Qld and Responsible Pet Breeders Australia, we prioritize the health and well-being of our puppies and their parents. Our facilities are purpose-built, including a climate-controlled whelping room and spacious outdoor play yards. We carefully select and health test our breeding parents to eliminate genetic defects, ensuring the production of healthy and happy puppies for their forever homes.

With a focus on animal welfare and responsible breeding practices, Broula Cavoodles & Poodles offers a smooth transition for our puppies from our home to yours. Our commitment to quality extends beyond the adoption process, as we continue to support our puppies and their new families long after they leave us. If you are looking for a companion dog with a gentle temperament, intelligence, and loyalty, our Cavoodles and Poodles make wonderful additions to families of all ages and lifestyles.