Detailed Information

Brookestone Goldens is a family-owned and operated natural rearing breeder specializing in breeding healthy Golden Retrievers. Founded in 2021 by owner Marissa Alesi, a dedicated holistic dog breeder, Brookestone Goldens is committed to providing puppies with a holistic lifestyle. All dogs at Brookestone Goldens are raw fed, unvaccinated, and free from toxins, ensuring they live long and healthy lives.

Marissa Alesi’s passion for Golden Retrievers led her to establish Brookestone Goldens after extensive research and education on the breed and natural rearing practices. Alongside her wife Ang and their children, Marissa raises the dogs in a loving and socialized environment, alongside their cats. The breeding program focuses on raw feeding and holistic care, aiming to produce happy and healthy puppies for families seeking a naturally reared companion.

At Brookestone Goldens, the focus is on exceptional customer service, lifetime support, and developing lasting relationships with puppy parents. Marissa and Ang are dedicated to providing education on raw feeding and preparing families for the arrival of their new furry family member. With a commitment to holistic practices and a love for Golden Retrievers, Brookestone Goldens strives to offer a smooth transition and a happy life for both puppies and their families.