Detailed Information

Breeder’s Choice Woodshavings is a reputable family-owned business based in Colac, Victoria, established in 1994. Specializing in the packaging and sale of high-grade kiln-dried pine woodshavings, the company caters to a wide range of animal industries, including poultry, equine, and cattle. These woodshavings are meticulously screened to remove harmful dust particles, ensuring a superior quality product that promotes animal health and reduces the risk of respiratory issues.

With a commitment to quality and hygiene, Breeder’s Choice Woodshavings sources its woodshavings as a by-product from the timber milling process. The shavings are all-natural, free from chemical additives, and have a moisture content of 8% to 12%, ideal for providing clean and absorbent bedding for various animal enclosures. The company utilizes its own trucks and trailers for transportation, maintaining strict standards to prevent contamination and uphold the integrity of their products.

Operating from the heart of the western district of Victoria, Breeder’s Choice Woodshavings has supplied its premium woodshavings to customers across Australia. Customers can rely on the expertise and dedication of this business to deliver top-quality bedding litter for horse stables, chicken nests, calf sheds, and other animal enclosures. For those seeking a trusted supplier of high-grade woodshavings, Breeder’s Choice stands out as a reliable choice for maintaining animal comfort and well-being.