Detailed Information

Brand Pets is a renowned Australian business specializing in high-quality pet food and treats that are proudly made in Australia. Our premium range of dry, wet, and chilled products sets us apart from typical supermarket offerings, with a focus on using quality Australian meat as the primary ingredient. We also provide grain-free options, added vitamins and minerals, and a diverse selection of delicious flavors that cater to the discerning palates of dogs and cats worldwide.

For bird enthusiasts, Brand Pets offers a selection of Australian-grown seeds and grains to ensure your feathered companions receive a nutritious and varied diet. Our products are designed to provide essential nutrients like Vitamin A and calcium, promoting the health and well-being of caged and aviary birds. By offering top-quality bird food, we aim to enhance the mental stimulation and overall happiness of your avian friends.

At Brand Pets, we understand the unique preferences of cats and the challenges of finding the right food for them. Our range of cat food products is crafted to entice even the pickiest felines, with a variety of flavors and textures to suit every discerning palate. With a focus on quality ingredients and customer satisfaction, Brand Pets is dedicated to providing pet owners with top-tier products that prioritize the health and happiness of their beloved animals.