Detailed Information

Welcome to Bow Valley Labradoodles, a family-owned and operated breeding business located in the County of Barrhead, Alberta. Founded by Christina, a passionate dog lover with a background in education, Bow Valley Labradoodles specializes in breeding Australian Labradoodles. With a focus on socialization, training, and responsible breeding practices, Christina and her team ensure that each puppy receives the best care and attention from the moment they are born.

At Bow Valley Labradoodles, the breeding program is centered around producing puppies with desirable traits such as extreme sociability, ease of training, even temperament, athleticism, intelligence, and allergy-friendliness. The business prides itself on maintaining a small group of dogs that are treated as beloved family members, living in the home and participating in daily activities. With a commitment to excellence, Bow Valley Labradoodles aims to provide families with loving and loyal companions that bring joy and happiness into their homes.

With a strong emphasis on education and support, Bow Valley Labradoodles ensures that families are well-informed about the temperament, sizes, and requirements of Australian Labradoodles. Through a dedicated breeding program and the involvement of Christina’s children in socializing the puppies, Bow Valley Labradoodles strives to offer a personalized and caring experience for both the puppies and their future families. If you are considering adding a cuddly and affectionate Labradoodle to your family, Bow Valley Labradoodles is here to help you find the perfect match.