Detailed Information

Boroughs & Beyond Italian Greyhound Rescue is a dedicated organization based in New York that focuses on rescuing and rehoming Italian Greyhounds in need. With a strong presence in both upstate and downstate regions, the rescue works tirelessly to accommodate the many dogs seeking new homes and manages a high volume of adoption applications annually. The upstate region covers areas north of New York City, extending all the way to the Canadian border near Buffalo, while the downstate region includes the five boroughs of NYC, suburbs, and counties of Suffolk and Nassau on Long Island.

Founded in 1998 in NYC, Boroughs & Beyond Italian Greyhound Rescue has a rich history of helping these elegant and affectionate dogs find loving families. The organization collaborates with local shelters, breeders, and volunteers to provide care, foster homes, and specialized attention to Italian Greyhounds in need. With a focus on owner surrenders and dogs requiring unique care, the rescue ensures that each dog is placed in a suitable environment where they can thrive and receive the necessary support.

Operating within the unique challenges of New York City and upstate areas, Boroughs & Beyond Italian Greyhound Rescue navigates housing restrictions, transportation logistics, and high veterinary costs to ensure the well-being of the dogs in their care. By partnering with reputable organizations and adhering to strict guidelines, the rescue upholds the highest standards of animal welfare and advocates for the inclusion of pets in public spaces across New York, promoting responsible pet ownership and community engagement.