Detailed Information

Born Bold Sphynx is a well-established, small ANCATS registered cattery specializing in breeding hairless cats, including Sphynx and Elf varieties. With a focus on producing kittens of exceptional quality, the cattery has earned the prestigious stamp of “Cattery of Excellence” for its facilities and ethical breeding practices. The team at Born Bold Sphynx is dedicated to improving genetics and strengthening the available gene pool in Australia, prioritizing traits such as type, temperament, health, and longevity in their breeding program.

Committed to providing high-quality, fully ANCATS registered hairless kittens, Born Bold Sphynx offers kittens suitable for both pet owners and show bench enthusiasts. The cattery’s breeding cats undergo thorough veterinary testing for conditions like HCM and genetic issues to ensure the health and well-being of their offspring. Founded in 2018, Born Bold Sphynx started with the importation of Sphynx cats from reputable European breeders, aiming to elevate the standard of hairless cat breeding in Australia through superior genetics and care.

Run by a dedicated husband-and-wife team with over 20 years of experience in raising cats and kittens, Born Bold Sphynx prides itself on being a premium facility approved by ANCATS as a Cattery of Excellence. Whether you are a hairless cat enthusiast looking for a new feline companion or a show breeder seeking top-quality kittens, Born Bold Sphynx is committed to providing exceptional service and kittens that meet the highest standards of health and quality.