Detailed Information

Bordoodles WA is a reputable and passionate breeder specializing in the exquisite Blue Merle, Phantom Blue Merle, and Chocolate Merle Bordoodles. With over 20 years of experience in business, marketing, and photography, Sharon leads the team at Bordoodles WA with a deep love for dogs and a commitment to providing top-quality puppies. Sharon is the primary contact for those looking to become proud owners of a Bordoodles WA puppy, ensuring a seamless and personalized experience for each new owner.

Chakra, a medium Blue Merle F1 Bordoodle, and Sophia, a medium Chocolate Merle F1 Bordoodle, are shining examples of the exceptional breeding standards at Bordoodles WA. Both dogs are 100% DNA health cleared and embody the intelligence, adaptability, and loving nature that define the Bordoodle breed. Doug and Rangi, the dedicated owners of Bordoodles WA, have transitioned from successful careers in the mining industry to focus wholeheartedly on the love and care of each puppy, ensuring that every Bordoodles WA puppy thrives and is well-adjusted.

Founded on a shared passion for Bordoodles, Doug, Rangi, and Sharon form a dynamic team dedicated to providing a nurturing environment for these remarkable mixed-breed dogs. With a focus on ethical breeding practices and a genuine love for their furry companions, Bordoodles WA offers a unique opportunity for families to welcome a Bordoodle into their homes. From puppy training to social media updates showcasing the puppies’ growth and development, Bordoodles WA is committed to creating a community of happy and satisfied Bordoodle owners.