Detailed Information

Border Collie Frankie is a renowned 3-year-old model available for hire in the fields of still photography, videography, and commercials. With an impressive repertoire of 200 tricks and the ability to quickly learn new ones, Frankie is a versatile performer who excels both on and off lead. His professionalism shines through as he effortlessly works around other dogs and interacts seamlessly with actors of all ages. Whether it’s swimming, catching frisbees, or showcasing his sit pretty trick, Frankie’s charm and talent make him a sought-after choice for various projects.

Managed by Dog Trainer & Behaviourist Charlotte Bryan, Paws, Claws & Tails Pty Ltd is the driving force behind Frankie’s success. Charlotte’s expertise in dog training and behavior has shaped Frankie into the star he is today. With a passion for canine motivation and a commitment to building dogs’ confidence, Charlotte’s dedication to her craft is evident in the exceptional training packages offered by the business. Alongside Frankie, Charlotte’s team includes Arielle, who specializes in beginner classes and walk & trains, and William, the SEO Assistant contributing to the business’s online presence.

With a strong online following of over 22K fans across Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, Border Collie Frankie has captured the hearts of many. In addition to his modeling gigs, Frankie’s fans can enjoy a wide range of merchandise available through Paws, Claws & Tails. As a fully qualified and insured dog trainer, Charlotte Bryan’s commitment to excellence and her team’s dedication to providing top-notch training services ensure that Border Collie Frankie remains a beloved figure in the world of animal entertainment.