Detailed Information

Bonza Dog Treats is an Australian-owned business dedicated to providing healthy and natural treats for your furry companions. Founded by Julie, a passionate advocate for canine health and nutrition, Bonza Dog Treats offers a curated collection of Aussie goodies that are sure to delight your doggo. With a focus on quality and natural ingredients, our treats are designed to keep your pets happy and healthy.

At Bonza Dog Treats, we understand the importance of providing your pets with treats that contribute to their overall wellbeing. Our products are carefully crafted to support your dog’s health, from keeping their teeth clean to promoting a glossy coat and a healthy gut. With a commitment to using only the finest Australian ingredients and no added preservatives, you can trust that your furry friends are getting the best when you choose Bonza Dog Treats.

Backed by Julie’s Diploma in Canine Health and Nutrition, Bonza Dog Treats is a family business that prioritizes the happiness and health of your four-legged family members. With a team of diligent taste testers, including Chief Taste Tester Baldrick Beagle and his deputy Marvinnotabeagle, we ensure that every treat meets the highest standards of quality and taste. Treat your pets to the best with Bonza Dog Treats.