Detailed Information

Bondi Behaviourist is a renowned training company based in Sydney, Australia, founded and led by Ian Shivers, a respected behavior consultant and mentor to dog professionals. The business operates city-wide, offering expert training services to help people and their dogs live harmoniously together with healthy relationships at the core of everything they do. In addition to their training company, Bondi Behaviourist also manages Canine C.A.R.E.givers, an online platform designed to educate dog owners about training and behavior, as well as Mutley, a comprehensive platform and community dedicated to supporting professionals in the industry.

At Bondi Behaviourist, the team acknowledges and pays respect to the Bidjigal, Birrabirragal, and Gadigal people, who traditionally occupied the Sydney Coast and Region. This commitment to cultural awareness and respect is woven into the fabric of the business, reflecting their dedication to inclusivity and honoring the land’s indigenous heritage. Through their various platforms and initiatives, Bondi Behaviourist aims to create a world where people and their dogs can thrive together, fostering strong and positive relationships that benefit both humans and their beloved canine companions.

With a focus on promoting understanding, communication, and empathy between dogs and their owners, Bondi Behaviourist is a leading authority in the field of dog training and behavior. Ian Shivers’ passion for animals and expertise in behavior consulting shines through in the company’s commitment to excellence and innovation. Whether through their training programs, online resources, or community-building efforts, Bondi Behaviourist is dedicated to empowering dog owners and professionals alike to create fulfilling and enriching relationships with their canine companions.