Detailed Information

Blueonestaff English Blue Staffys is a licensed breeder based in Hervey Bay, Queensland, specializing in the breeding of English Blue Staffordshire Bull Terriers. With a commitment to maintaining a strong line of healthy staffys, Blueonestaff ensures that none of their dogs are inbred, prioritizing genetic diversity to produce robust and well-rounded litters.

At Blueonestaff, the well-being of their dogs is paramount. From the insemination process by a qualified veterinarian to the meticulous care provided to the mother and her pups during the 57-63 day gestation period, every step is taken to ensure the health and happiness of the animals. The puppies are raised in a dedicated whelping box within the breeder’s home, where they receive round-the-clock attention and care to promote their growth and development.

Once the puppies reach 8 weeks of age, they are ready to be sold to loving homes. Prior to adoption, the puppies receive their first vaccinations from the veterinarian, setting them up for a healthy start in their new families. Blueonestaff English Blue Staffys takes pride in offering well-nurtured and socialized puppies, providing clients with the opportunity to welcome a loyal and cherished companion into their lives.