Detailed Information

Blue Wheelers Blacks Beach is a reputable mobile dog grooming service located in Blacks Beach, QLD, established in 2013. Specializing in dog washing, clipping, and grooming, the business is dedicated to providing friendly and reliable services to ensure furry friends look and feel their best. The owner, Fred, emphasizes the importance of treating dogs like family members and believes in the transformative power of regular grooming to enhance their well-being.

With a passion for helping dogs and their owners, Fred decided to open his own Blue Wheelers Mobile Dog Wash to offer a convenient and professional grooming experience. The business prides itself on building trust and bonds with dogs, including those who have been rescued from past abuse. Fred’s own Alaskan Malamute, Manook, inspired him to prioritize grooming and care for all dogs, ensuring they enjoy the grooming process and feel rejuvenated after each session.

Blue Wheelers is a well-established brand in Australia, known for its top-notch dog washing and grooming services. With nearly 200 fully trained franchisees nationwide, the company has been recognized for its commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. By focusing on best practices and continuous improvement, Blue Wheelers aims to enhance the lives of both customers and franchisees, setting the standard for quality mobile dog grooming services across the country.