Detailed Information

Blayney Tourist Park, located at 18 Quamby Place in Blayney, NSW, offers a serene and tranquil accommodation experience in the heart of the Central West NSW region. Surrounded by scenic beauty and attractive tourist attractions, the park provides a range of accommodation options including powered and unpowered caravan sites, as well as 2, 4, and 5 person cabins. Guests can enjoy a peaceful stay while still having access to all the conveniences and facilities of a larger park.

The park’s location in Blayney, near Bathurst, offers easy access to explore the historic surrounding villages and natural beauties of the Central Tablelands of NSW. With a guest list that includes mature travelers and busy workers, Blayney Tourist Park prides itself on spotlessly clean facilities and a courteous atmosphere. The park backs onto lush farmland, enhancing the peaceful and serene ambiance for guests to enjoy a relaxing stay.

From exploring the historic gold rush town of Blayney to visiting picturesque villages like Carcoar and Millthorpe, guests at Blayney Tourist Park have a variety of attractions to discover in the surrounding area. Whether it’s fishing at Carcoar Dam, admiring the Blayney Wind Farm, or indulging in fine dining experiences in nearby towns like Bathurst and Orange, visitors are sure to create lasting memories during their stay at Blayney Tourist Park.