Detailed Information

Biosymm Physiotherapy, located at 84 Stuart Road in Roxby Downs, SA, is a leading physiotherapy clinic dedicated to providing safe, reliable, and effective treatment options to help individuals improve their overall health. Our skilled and experienced team of allied health professionals, including a Senior Physiotherapist and Physiotherapist, are committed to guiding clients through every step of their health journey. Whether through onsite physiotherapy services for workplaces across Australia or at our modern clinic, we offer personalized exercise programs and expert oversight to ensure optimal recovery and wellness.

Since our inception, Biosymm Physiotherapy has established itself as a trusted partner for businesses seeking to enhance employee health and productivity. Our risk-based approach focuses on early intervention, reducing workplace risks, and delivering cutting-edge training principles. By collaborating closely with businesses, we have a proven track record of improving profitability and fostering long-lasting relationships. Direct medical practitioner referrals and self-referrals are welcomed at our clinics, where our dedicated physiotherapists tailor exercise programs to individual needs and monitor progress to ensure safe and effective outcomes.

For expert physiotherapy services that prioritize client well-being and recovery, trust Biosymm Physiotherapy. With a commitment to excellence, innovation, and personalized care, our team is dedicated to helping individuals and businesses achieve better health outcomes. Contact us at (08) 8671 1444 or call 1300 424 627 for more information and assistance in embarking on your journey towards improved health and wellness.