Detailed Information

BIODX, a subsidiary of Ozcraft Australia Pty Ltd, is a prominent player in the Veterinary Point of Care Testing (POCT) industry in Australasia. Specializing in providing affordable diagnostic solutions, BIODX is the authorized distributor of renowned international in vitro diagnostics (IVD) manufacturers such as BIOPANDA, MNCHIP, URIT, DYMIND, and HEALVET. With a dedicated team of experts, BIODX sources high-quality diagnostic devices, including the popular BIOPANDA brand from the United Kingdom, known for its presence in over 60 countries worldwide.

As an authorized exporter of veterinary and medical diagnostic kits to South Asian countries, BIODX has established itself as a trusted supplier in the global market. The company’s product range includes veterinary chemistry analyzers, hematology analyzers, immunoassay kits, urine analysis analyzers, and rapid test kits. MNCHIP, a widely acclaimed chemistry analyzer, has gained popularity in Europe, Asia, and America, being sold in over 120 countries. Similarly, URIT products, known for their excellence in urine analysis and hematology, are preferred in over 180 countries.

Driven by a commitment to quality over profit, BIODX aims to offer competitive pricing compared to other industry players. With a focus on becoming the leading provider of Veterinary POCT solutions in Australasia, BIODX strives to support the veterinary profession by delivering cost-effective, high-quality diagnostic solutions to veterinary hospitals and practitioners. The company’s mission is to make superior POCT solutions accessible and affordable, ultimately contributing to the advancement of veterinary care in the region.