Detailed Information

Beyond Dog Training, led by Erin Williams, offers a transformative journey for dog owners seeking to deepen their relationship with their furry companions. Erin’s personal experience with her own dogs inspired her to create a program that goes beyond traditional training methods, helping individuals unlock the full potential of their bond with their pets. Through Positive Rewards-Based training, Beyond Dog Training equips clients with the tools to achieve remarkable goals together, fostering a deeper understanding of their dogs and themselves.

Specializing in various areas of dog training, Erin’s expertise ranges from working with pastoral and livestock guardian dogs to urban companion manners training and therapy dog certification. With a background in Agriculture and Animal Production, Erin’s dedication to enhancing the lives of dogs and their owners has been recognized through accolades such as being a Finalist for the AgriFutures Rural Women’s Award. Her commitment to Positive Reward-Based Dog Training reflects a growing societal shift towards a more harmonious approach to pet care, setting the stage for a new era in pet training and companionship.

Whether you’re looking to address behavioral issues, enhance obedience, or simply strengthen the bond with your canine companion, Beyond Dog Training offers a unique and enriching experience. Contact Erin Williams at BEYOND Dog Training to embark on a journey of discovery and growth with your beloved pet, and uncover the extraordinary potential that lies within every dog.