Detailed Information

Best Friends Pet Rescue is a registered charity based in Wagga Wagga, Goulburn, and the ACT, dedicated to rescuing, fostering, and rehoming (wo)man’s Best Friends. Established in 2011, our organization is run by a group of passionate volunteers who provide foster care in their own homes. Our primary goal is to match pets’ personalities and exercise/training needs with individuals whose lifestyles are best suited to them.

At Best Friends Pet Rescue, we operate with the mission of rescuing and rehoming healthy, treatable pets from shelters in the ACT and NSW region. We do not profit from our rescue efforts; instead, 100% of donations and proceeds are utilized to cover veterinary treatment, pound fees, transport costs, and other expenses related to caring for the animals. Our dedicated volunteers embrace the No Kill philosophy, striving to end the unnecessary euthanasia of healthy and adoptable pets.

If you are looking to make a difference in the lives of animals and contribute to our cause, we are always seeking more volunteers to assist with fostering, advertising, training, and walking our rescued pets. Join us at Best Friends Pet Rescue and be a part of giving these animals a second chance at life and finding them loving forever homes.