Detailed Information

Best Dogs Australia is a reputable dog behaviour and psychology business founded by Carla de Beus, an expert behaviourist and NDTF qualified dog trainer. Specializing in understanding the communication behind every behavior, Carla aims to guide and educate dog owners in developing and maintaining a happy, healthy relationship with their furry companions. With a focus on individualized training tailored to the unique needs of each dog and owner, Best Dogs Australia provides the tools and knowledge necessary to nurture a balanced and fulfilling bond between pets and their families.

Carla, the driving force behind Best Dogs Australia, brings a wealth of experience as a Special Education teacher with expertise in Autism, Trauma, Intellectual Disability, and Hearing Impairment. Drawing on her background in trauma education and Auslan, Carla approaches dog behavior and psychology with a deep understanding of the similarities between human and canine responses to trauma. Committed to ongoing learning and collaboration, Carla consults with global experts in the field to continuously enhance her skills and knowledge, ensuring the best possible outcomes for her clients.

Complementing Carla’s expertise is Myles, a seasoned professional with a lifelong passion for working with dogs. Based in the Gympie region, Myles offers specialized ‘Walk and Train’ packages that not only provide physical exercise but also mental stimulation for dogs. With a focus on creating balanced packs and addressing behavioral issues such as reactivity, Myles empowers dog owners with the tools and insights needed to foster a harmonious relationship with their canine companions. Best Dogs Australia is dedicated to supporting the Deaf and HoH community, embodying a commitment to inclusivity and excellence in dog behavior and training.