Detailed Information

Best Bengals Cattery is a reputable medium-sized cattery located on the Gold Coast, QLD, Australia, specializing in breeding high-quality Bengal cats. They focus on breeding Brown, Silver, and Snow Bengal kittens with Rosetted and Marbled patterns. With a passion for Bengals, the cattery aims to produce cats with the sweetest temperament and exceptional pedigrees, incorporating top champion bloodlines from both Australia and imported sources.

At Best Bengals Cattery, all kittens are raised with love and care within the household, ensuring they develop friendly personalities and unique characteristics. The cattery places a strong emphasis on the health and well-being of their cats, conducting regular health checks, vaccinations, and genetic testing to ensure the breeding cats are free from hereditary diseases. Their ultimate goal is to create the Ultimate Bengal Cat, focusing on specific qualities such as temperament, coat clarity, rosette patterns, and overall wild appearance.

Best Bengals Cattery offers Bengal kittens for sale throughout the year, with young adult Bengals available for adoption upon retirement from the breeding program. Additionally, the cattery provides air freight services for customers within Australia and worldwide. With a commitment to excellence and a love for Bengals, Best Bengals Cattery is dedicated to producing top-quality Bengal cats that bring joy and companionship to their future owners.