Detailed Information

Best Behaviour Animal Training is a reputable business located on the South Coast of NSW, serving areas such as Ulladulla, Milton, Batemans Bay, and surrounding regions. With a strong foundation in animal behavior and training, the business is led by a qualified Behaviorist and Delta accredited dog trainer. Specializing in force-free training methods, the business offers tailored solutions for a range of behavior issues, including separation anxiety, lead reactivity, and fear-related behaviors.

The business also provides a specialized training program for individuals seeking support in training their psychiatric assistance dogs and preparing for the Public Access Test (PAT). Whether starting with puppies or older dogs entering the MindDog program, the training sessions are designed to lay a solid foundation for therapy training courses. By combining the unique needs of pet owners with the natural attributes of their pets, the business aims to determine the suitability for various therapy programs.

With a strong educational background in animal behavior and training, including a BSc in Animal Behaviour and certifications in companion animal services and captive animal management, the business owner brings a wealth of expertise to each training session. By utilizing force-free, scientific methods of training, the business focuses on providing a compassionate, patient, and professional approach to help pet owners build a strong bond with their animals and address behavior challenges effectively.