Detailed Information

Welcome to Best Behaved Dog Training, where we specialize in providing top-notch training services for your beloved canine companions. Led by Alexandra Mahoney, a highly experienced professional with a nationally recognized certificate in canine behavior and training, our team is dedicated to helping dogs of all breeds and ages overcome behavioral issues and excel in obedience training. We believe in establishing a strong bond between you and your dog through clear communication and effective training methods.

Meet our furry trainers, Arlo and Archer, both four-year-old Labrador Retrievers with unique training backgrounds. Arlo is a sweet and sociable boy who excels in rally-obedience, tricks, and scent work. He loves learning new tricks and gets along well with neutral dogs. On the other hand, Archer is skilled in GRC and scent work but can be reactive towards other dogs. We are actively working on his reactivity through specialized training in various environments.

At Best Behaved Dog Training, we offer a range of services tailored to meet the specific needs of your dog, including in-home private consultations, walk & train sessions, new puppy packs, park private training sessions, online consultations, and group classes such as Puppy School. Contact us today to book a session or inquire further about how we can help you and your furry friend achieve training success.