Detailed Information

Bendora Boarding Kennels & Cat Flats is a well-established pet boarding facility located on 25 acres on Canberra’s northside, just past Watson on the Federal Highway. The business offers dog boarding kennels and cat boarding flats, providing a safe and comfortable environment for pets while their owners are away. With a focus on simplicity and convenience, Bendora prides itself on its loyal clientele who appreciate the caring and experienced staff.

Owned by retired veterinary surgeon Peter Burgess, Bendora is staffed by dedicated pet lovers who have years of experience in animal care. The facility is surrounded by farmland and fresh air, offering a peaceful setting for pets to enjoy their stay. The team at Bendora understands the importance of providing a nurturing environment for animals and ensures that each pet receives individualized attention and care.

At Bendora, the staff’s love for animals is evident in the quality of service provided. The facility is known for its commitment to the well-being of all pets in its care. Clients can trust that their furry friends will be in good hands at Bendora Boarding Kennels & Cat Flats, where the legacy of the much-loved kennel manager, Dianne, lives on through the compassionate and professional care provided to every animal that stays at the facility.