Detailed Information

Bendigo Equine Hospital, part of the Victorian Equine Group, is a leading equine veterinary practice serving the Central Victorian Region. Established in 2012, our team of ambulatory and hospital-based equine vets are dedicated to providing top-quality veterinary care to horses. With a specialized equine hospital located at 38 Heinz Street, East Bendigo, we offer comprehensive twenty-four-hour care, seven days a week.

Our expert veterinarians at Bendigo Equine Hospital have the knowledge and skills to address all your equine needs, whether it’s routine check-ups, emergency care, or specialized treatments. We pride ourselves on offering both first opinion and referral quality veterinary services, ensuring that horses in the region receive the best possible care. In addition to our hospital in Bendigo, we also operate the Victorian Equine Group in Nagambie, further expanding our reach and expertise in equine healthcare.

At Bendigo Equine Hospital, we are passionate about the well-being of horses and strive to provide compassionate and professional care to every equine patient that comes through our doors. Whether you’re a horse owner seeking routine veterinary services or in need of specialized treatment for your equine companion, our team is here to support you and your horse every step of the way.