Detailed Information

The Bendigo Animal Relief Centre (BARC) is a council-funded animal pound service located in the City of Greater Bendigo. Established in 2019, BARC serves as a temporary home for over 2000 stray, lost, abandoned, sick, injured, and surrendered domestic animals annually. BARC’s primary focus is reuniting missing pets with their owners, offering free microchipping and council registration for pets under 12 months old to facilitate this process.

BARC operates as both a pound and shelter, providing care, shelter, and medical treatment to animals in need. They offer a variety of cats, dogs, and occasionally other animals for adoption, all of which are microchipped, wormed, desexed, and vaccinated. BARC’s staff conducts temperament tests to ensure that each adoption is a suitable match for the new owner’s lifestyle and family.

In addition to facilitating adoptions, BARC also offers fostering opportunities for animals in need of temporary care and rehabilitation. The center works diligently to minimize euthanasia rates, only resorting to it in cases where an animal’s medical or behavioral issues are beyond manageable levels. BARC’s commitment to responsible pet ownership extends to providing support, information, and resources to the community, fostering a culture of compassion and care for pets of all sizes.