Detailed Information

Beletta Kennels is a reputable establishment specializing in breeding and raising high-quality Golden Retrievers. Located in a serene countryside setting, our kennels provide a safe and comfortable environment for our beloved dogs. With a strong focus on responsible breeding practices and animal welfare, we ensure that all our puppies are well-socialized and healthy before they find their forever homes.

Our dedicated team at Beletta Kennels is passionate about maintaining the breed standards of Golden Retrievers while also prioritizing the well-being of our dogs. We take pride in the care and attention given to each puppy from birth to adoption, ensuring they receive proper nutrition, veterinary care, and early training. Our goal is to produce happy, well-adjusted puppies that will bring joy and companionship to their new families.

At Beletta Kennels, we believe in transparency and integrity in all our breeding practices. We welcome visitors to our kennels to meet our dogs, see our facilities, and learn more about our breeding program. Whether you are looking for a loyal family pet, a therapy dog, or a show dog, Beletta Kennels is committed to providing you with a loving and well-bred Golden Retriever that will become a cherished member of your family.