Detailed Information

Beecee Border Collies is a reputable ANKC breeder specializing in beautiful tempered Border Collies, located in a small rural kennel south of Adelaide in South Australia. With a strong background in herding and agility, the business transitioned into conformation showing and breeding after years of working with unwanted farm rescues. The founder’s passion for the breed led to the establishment of Beecee Border Collies in 2015, with a focus on breeding healthy, well-tempered, and versatile dogs.

Committed to upholding breed standards and producing dogs that excel in both conformation and family settings, Beecee Border Collies prioritizes temperament and trainability in their breeding program. All dogs undergo thorough health screenings, including full DNA panel profiles and hip and elbow evaluations, to ensure the health and well-being of both the puppies and the breeding stock. The business’s dedication to responsible breeding practices sets them apart as a trusted source for quality Border Collies in the region.

At Beecee Border Collies, every breeding decision is made with the goal of producing puppies that not only meet breed standards but also integrate seamlessly into loving families. Visitors to the kennel can learn more about the dogs and their pedigrees on the website’s “our dogs” page, showcasing the lineage and achievements of the Border Collies bred by Beecee. With a focus on excellence in temperament, health, and conformation, Beecee Border Collies is a proud contributor to the preservation and promotion of this beloved breed.