Detailed Information

Bayside Companion Dog Training School Inc is a reputable dog training school located in Bentleigh, in the South-Eastern suburbs of Melbourne. With years of experience and a team of dedicated volunteer instructors, we specialize in addressing a wide range of dog behavioral issues. Our primary focus is on fostering strong bonds between pets and their owners by teaching essential skills for a well-socialized and happy companion.

At Bayside Companion Dog Training School Inc, we offer a supportive and flexible training environment where members can progress at their own pace based on individual capabilities and commitments. Our classes are designed to help rehabilitate rescued dogs, provide puppies with a solid foundation, and assist owners in strengthening the relationship with their pets. With a philosophy centered on positive reinforcement and reward-based training, we aim to ensure that every dog receives the personalized attention and guidance they need to thrive.

Whether you are looking to address behavioral problems, compete in dog competitions, or simply have a well-trained and content canine companion, our experienced instructors are here to help. By incorporating a variety of training techniques tailored to the unique needs of each dog and owner, we strive to create a harmonious and fulfilling experience for both pets and their families. Follow us on social media to stay updated on special events and community initiatives supported by our dedicated team of volunteers.