Detailed Information

Bay & Basin Animal Hospital is a well-established veterinary practice serving the community in Nowra and the surrounding areas. With a focus on comprehensive medical and surgical services for a wide range of species including dogs, cats, cattle, horses, small ruminants, birds, and pocket pets, the hospital is equipped to provide top-notch care for all types of animals. The purpose-built hospital at 209 Kinghorne Street, Nowra, boasts modern facilities such as consulting rooms, hospital wards for dogs and cats, an intensive care unit, laboratory, radiology rooms, and outdoor large animal yards.

Founded in 1976, Nowra Veterinary Hospital has been a trusted provider of veterinary care for over 40 years. The clinic has undergone multiple expansions and relocations to better serve its growing clientele, culminating in the move to its current state-of-the-art facility on Kinghorne Street. In addition to the main hospital, Bay & Basin Animal Hospital was established in 2005 to cater to the needs of the bay and basin community, offering a wide range of services for both small and large animals.

Committed to excellence in animal care, the team at Bay & Basin Animal Hospital consists of knowledgeable and compassionate veterinarians and staff members who prioritize the well-being of their patients. From routine check-ups to complex surgical procedures, the clinic provides a high standard of care for pets of all shapes and sizes. With a strong emphasis on community involvement and education, the hospital actively supports local events and sports teams while also mentoring future veterinary professionals through student programs and internships.