Detailed Information

Barossa Bed & Biscuit is a premier pet accommodation facility located at 108 High Eden Road in Springton, SA 5235. Nestled amongst the serene river red gums, our establishment offers a cozy and home-like environment for your beloved pets when you are away. We provide tender loving care and companionship to ensure your furry friends feel safe and comfortable during their stay.

Our pet accommodation features a range of amenities to make your pets feel at home, including windows for natural light, tiled floors, comfortable beds, heating, cooling, and spacious decks for basking in the sun. We also have a social lounge equipped with plush chairs, a TV, and soothing music to keep your pets entertained. Outside, our securely fenced play and exercise areas boast lush grass and shady trees, providing ample space for your pets to play and stretch their legs.

At Barossa Bed & Biscuit, we pride ourselves on offering a compassionate and cage-free environment for pets, ensuring they are not subjected to cold, wet concrete floors or wire cages. Contact us at 0408 818 983 to learn more about our services and book a stay for your furry companions at our welcoming pet accommodation facility.