Detailed Information

Barkroyal Boutique Pet Resort and Barkroyal Hinterland Pet Resort offer a luxurious and fun-filled retreat for pets on the Gold Coast. With a focus on providing a safe and engaging environment for dogs and cats, Barkroyal ensures that every furry guest is cared for and loved like family. The pet hotel boasts carefully designed accommodations, indoor and outdoor play areas, and even swimming pools tailored for dogs of all sizes. The dedicated team at Barkroyal, with decades of experience in animal welfare and pet boarding, ensures that every pet receives personalized attention and exceptional care.

Staying at Barkroyal means your pets will enjoy a variety of activities, structured group playtime, and comfortable accommodations ranging from standard to luxury. The team at Barkroyal takes pride in treating every pet with love and respect, catering to their individual needs and requirements. Whether your pet needs specialized care due to health conditions or simply craves some extra playtime, Barkroyal’s team of highly trained professionals is equipped to provide the highest standards of care and attention.

Owned by the Freestone family, Barkroyal Pet Resort has been a trusted name in pet care since 2005. The addition of Barkroyal Hinterland Pet Resort in 2021 further solidified their commitment to offering top-notch pet boarding services. With a team of passionate animal lovers who go above and beyond to ensure the well-being of every guest, Barkroyal has become a go-to destination for pet owners seeking a home away from home for their beloved companions on the Gold Coast.