Detailed Information

Barkly Street Vets, also known as Kate Hazeldene Veterinary Services, is a true rural mixed practice located in Benalla, Victoria. What began as a single vet operating out of a vehicle in 2012 has now evolved into a multi-vet, multi-nursed mixed rural practice. The dedicated team at Barkly Street Vets offers friendly, professional, and affordable healthcare services for all species, including pets and livestock. They pride themselves on working closely with clients to provide well-informed decisions on their animals’ health care and treatment options.

Led by veterinarian and practice owner Kate Hazeldene, the team at Barkly Street Vets is passionate about animals and committed to providing top-notch care. With fully equipped examination rooms, diagnostic machines, and pharmaceutical stores, they offer on-the-spot assistance for a wide range of pet health and medical needs. In addition to clinic consultations, Barkly Street Vets also offers a mobile veterinary service for on-farm consultations and local house calls, catering to the diverse needs of their clients in Benalla and surrounding areas.

The team at Barkly Street Vets comprises experienced veterinarians, dedicated veterinary nurses, and friendly receptionists who share a love for animals. From large animal calls on farms to small animal surgeries, the practice covers a wide spectrum of veterinary services. Whether it’s routine check-ups, surgeries, or emergency care, Barkly Street Vets is committed to making pets feel at ease with their caring and gentle approach. With a focus on individualized management plans and client education, Barkly Street Vets is a trusted partner in ensuring the well-being of your beloved pets.