Detailed Information

Barking Mad Dog Training, owned and operated by Kate Baker, is a premier dog training service based in Melbourne, Australia. With over a decade of experience in the field, Kate holds certifications in Dog Training & Behavior, Canine Nutrition, and Raw Food Specialization. Her holistic approach to training focuses on meeting the physical and psychological needs of dogs while considering the requirements of their owners. Kate’s expertise extends to various areas, including puppy training, obedience skills, behavior modification, and nutrition advice.

Specializing in puppy pre-school programs, Barking Mad Dog Training offers personalized in-home training sessions tailored to each dog’s unique needs and the owner’s lifestyle. Kate’s passion for puppies and her commitment to starting them off on the right foot to become confident and independent dogs sets her services apart. Additionally, Kate’s experience in competing in dog sports and training therapy dogs showcases her dedication to promoting positive canine behavior and well-being.

Servicing Melbourne and surrounding suburbs, Barking Mad Dog Training covers a wide range of training topics, including toilet training, socialization, independence training, mental stimulation, and more. Whether you’re looking to address behavioral issues, prepare your puppy for vet visits, or simply enhance your dog’s obedience skills, Kate’s personalized approach and wealth of knowledge make Barking Mad Dog Training a top choice for dog owners seeking professional and effective training solutions.