Detailed Information

Barker Behaviour and Training is a leading force-free, positive dog training school located in the picturesque Adelaide Hills. Situated adjacent to the Mount Barker Vet Clinic, our purpose-built facility offers both indoor and outdoor training areas to cater to all weather conditions. Our dedicated team, led by Head Trainer Miriam Ahrens, boasts over 30 years of experience in dog training, obedience, and breeding. Miriam’s expertise in positive reinforcement, clicker training, and game-based teaching methods ensures that owners can shape their pets into happy, well-adjusted companions.

At Barker Behaviour and Training, we specialize in providing owners with the skills to foster a strong bond with their pets through positive, force-free training techniques. Whether you have a young puppy or an adult dog, our range of fun and engaging courses, running for 6-8 weeks, cater to all learning stages. We understand the importance of regular training for pets to reach their full potential, which is why we offer weekly classes tailored to different age groups. Additionally, we provide one-to-one private lessons for personalized attention and focus on individual needs.

Our commitment to helping owners and their pets thrive extends beyond just training. With a strong partnership with the Mount Barker Vet Clinic and the support of Dr. Digby Ambrose through his Veterinary Behaviour clinic, Barker Behaviour and Training ensures that every pet receives holistic care and attention. Whether you’re looking to continue your dog’s socialization journey post-Puppy Preschool or seeking ongoing training and support, our friendly team is here to guide you every step of the way.