Detailed Information

Bark Busters In Home Dog Training Perth North & East & South is a renowned dog training business that focuses on helping dog owners effectively communicate with their furry companions. With a commitment to providing simple, natural, and fast training solutions, Bark Busters offers dog-friendly training services that cater to a wide range of behavioural and obedience issues. The business prides itself on its high client satisfaction rates, with 98.6% of clients rating their experience as 4 or 5 out of 5 stars, and 99.8% of clients recommending Bark Busters to others.

Founded in Australia over 30 years ago by expert dog trainers Sylvia and Danny Wilson, Bark Busters has grown to become a global leader in dog training, with over 300 franchise locations worldwide. The business’s unique training method is based on natural, dog-friendly techniques that focus on effective leadership and clear communication between owners and their dogs. Bark Busters’ mission is to promote a strong human-canine bond, ultimately reducing the likelihood of behavioural issues leading to abandonment or euthanasia of companion dogs.

By purchasing a Bark Busters franchise, individuals have the opportunity to join a thriving community of dog trainers and become part of one of the fastest-growing industries today. With a focus on providing ongoing support and peace of mind to customers, Bark Busters offers a unique at-home dog training service guarantee that sets it apart in the industry. Whether you are a dog owner looking to improve your pet’s behaviour or an entrepreneur seeking a rewarding business opportunity, Bark Busters In Home Dog Training offers a fulfilling path to achieving your goals.