Detailed Information

Bark Busters Home Dog Training Mornington Peninsula & Western Region is a renowned dog training service that offers a unique and effective approach to resolving behavior and obedience issues in dogs. With over 18 years of experience and expertise, the business is dedicated to providing customers with ongoing support and peace of mind. The Bark Busters system is based on natural, dog-friendly training techniques that focus on canine communication and leadership, ensuring a harmonious relationship between owners and their beloved pets.

Founded in Australia in 1989, Bark Busters has grown to become a global leader in dog training, with over 300 franchise locations worldwide. The business was established by expert dog trainers Sylvia and Danny Wilson, who developed a highly successful training method based on understanding the canine psyche and effective leadership. Bark Busters’ mission is to promote clear communication between owners and their dogs, ultimately enhancing the human-canine bond and reducing the risk of maltreatment and abandonment of companion dogs.

By joining the Bark Busters franchise, individuals have the opportunity to become part of the world’s largest dog training company and a rapidly growing industry. With a proven track record of client satisfaction and success, Bark Busters offers a rewarding business opportunity for those passionate about working with dogs and helping owners achieve a deeper understanding and connection with their canine companions.