Detailed Information

Balwyn Veterinary Surgery is a leading veterinary clinic dedicated to providing the highest standard of care for pets in a warm and friendly environment. Our team of dedicated and knowledgeable staff strive to create a stimulating and happy workplace while ensuring that your furry companions receive the best possible attention. With over a decade of experience in the field, we offer a wide range of services to meet all your pet’s health needs, making us a trusted choice for pet owners in the local community.

As a silver accredited member of the International Society for Feline Medicine ‘Cat Friendly Clinic’ Programme, Balwyn Veterinary Surgery goes above and beyond to ensure that vet visits are stress-free for both cats and their owners. Our clinic features a separate cat-only waiting area, consultation room, and hospital ward, along with staff trained in cat handling and care. We understand the importance of providing a comfortable and compassionate environment for all our feline friends, and we invite you to experience the difference at our clinic.

  • Meet Our Team:
    • Lan: With a background in small animal surgery and medicine, Lan is passionate about delivering top-notch veterinary care and finds joy in helping animals overcome health challenges.
    • Jessie: Dedicated to building strong bonds between clients and their pets, Jessie takes pride in providing excellent care and education to pet owners.
    • Kiarah: Specializing in surgical nursing and oral health care, Kiarah brings her expertise and love for animals to the clinic, along with her pug Pikachu.
    • Jacinda: Growing up on a goat farm, Jacinda has a deep-rooted passion for animal care and enjoys providing exceptional service to all patients.
    • Stacey: With a decade of veterinary nursing experience, Stacey focuses on surgical nursing, anaesthesia, and behavior, while also running puppy school classes emphasizing preventative health.
    • Annmaree: Passionate about animal well-being, Annmaree specializes in behavior and fear-free handling, spending her spare time with her beloved cats, Oli and Possum.