Detailed Information

Balanced K9 Training is a reputable dog training business located in the eastern suburbs of Victoria, Australia. With a team of professional dog trainers who are passionate about fostering stronger relationships between owners and their canine companions, Balanced K9 Training offers a range of services to cater to the individual needs of each dog. Specializing in various areas of dog training, including puppy training, behavior modification, basic to advanced obedience, and more, the team at Balanced K9 Training believes in tailoring their methods to suit the unique personality and learning style of each dog.

At Balanced K9 Training, the focus is on training the dog in front of them, recognizing that no single method fits all dogs. The trainers primarily use positive reinforcement techniques to establish foundational obedience and desired behaviors, transitioning to training tools like correction chains, slip collars, and e-collars for maintaining reliability in various environments. Clear communication is key in their training approach, emphasizing the importance of providing both guidance on desired behaviors and consequences for unwanted behaviors.

Founded by Diamond, a qualified dog trainer with over a decade of experience, Balanced K9 Training draws inspiration from Diamond’s personal journey with her own dogs, including memorable companions like Johnny, Duane, Kaiser, and more. Each dog has played a significant role in shaping Diamond’s expertise and passion for dog training, ultimately leading to the establishment of Balanced K9 Training in Melbourne’s Yarra Valley. Offering private training, group classes, puppy programs, walk and train services, and dog walking, Balanced K9 Training is dedicated to helping dogs and their owners succeed in building a harmonious and fulfilling relationship.