Detailed Information

Awesome Paws is a premier grooming service for dogs, dedicated to ensuring the health and well-being of your beloved pets. Our experienced and certified Dog Groomer, Geraldine, brings a wealth of expertise in handling dogs of all temperaments, including older dogs with special needs. With a focus on safety, comfort, and professional grooming techniques, Awesome Paws offers a range of services to keep your furry friends looking and feeling their best.

  • Small or big, treat your dog to a wash and a clip
  • Nail clipping, flea wash, and ear cleaning services available
  • Pick up and delivery options for added convenience

Regular dog grooming is essential for preventing issues such as excessive shedding, skin problems, overgrown nails, and mats in your dog’s hair. At Awesome Paws, we go the extra mile to provide a thorough grooming experience that includes bathing, blow-drying, clipping, and trimming to ensure a professional finish. Trust Awesome Paws to pamper your furry companions and keep them looking their best with our top-notch grooming services.