Detailed Information

Avenpart Kelpie Stud, established in 1962, is a renowned breeder of Australia’s most versatile working Kelpies, with a strong focus on exporting worldwide. The stud is built on the prestigious Scanlon, Glenville, and Karrawarra bloodlines, known for producing exceptional dogs used for mustering, yard work, and shed work across the globe. Avenpart Kelpies are highly sought after for their natural working ability from a young age, as well as their outstanding temperament and conformation.

Under the expert guidance of Mary McCrabb, who has been breeding and training Kelpies for decades, Avenpart has gained international recognition for the quality and versatility of its dogs. The stud’s success extends to various countries with diverse climates, where Avenpart Kelpies have proven their adaptability and reliability in challenging working environments. With a strong emphasis on meeting client needs, Avenpart offers different strains within the bloodline that excel in specific traits such as “eye”, bark, or cattle work, catering to a wide range of requirements.

Having exported to numerous countries worldwide, including the USA, Japan, and Saudi Arabia, Avenpart Kelpie Stud continues to uphold its reputation for producing top-tier working dogs. With a rich history of accomplishments in trials and film projects, Avenpart remains dedicated to breeding Kelpies that excel in mustering, yard, and shed work on various livestock. The stud’s commitment to excellence in natural ability, conformation, and temperament ensures that Avenpart Kelpies are the preferred choice for both large property owners and trial enthusiasts seeking exceptional working dogs.