Detailed Information

Avanti Dog Training is a reputable and specialized business led by qualified and experienced Dog Trainers who are dedicated to addressing a wide range of behavioral issues in dogs. From aggression (dog-to-dog and dog-to-human) to possessiveness, fear, anxiety-based behaviors, and more, their personalized reinforcement-based training programs are designed to effectively tackle these common complaints from dog owners. With a focus on creating a positive and enriching training experience, Avanti Dog Training helps dogs and their owners build essential skills while fostering a strong bond.

Recognizing the importance of competitive dog sports in Australia, Avanti Dog Training encourages dog owners to explore various activities such as Obedience, Rally-O, Agility, Tricks, and more. By training dogs to perform cued tasks accurately and reliably, they aim to provide mental stimulation and enrichment to enhance the overall well-being of the dogs. Additionally, the business offers options for online titling with dogs, catering to individuals with anxious or reactive dogs who may find traditional competitions intimidating.

While Avanti Dog Training primarily focuses on behavior consultations for complex issues, they also emphasize the significance of puppy and pet training. For those seeking assistance with basic pet skills or puppy training, the business can recommend reinforcement-based dog trainers in the local area. With a commitment to providing quality training and behavior modification services, Avanti Dog Training strives to help dogs and their owners achieve a harmonious and fulfilling relationship.