Detailed Information

Australian Wildlife Health Centre, located within Healesville Sanctuary, is a hub of compassionate conservation efforts dedicated to the well-being of native Australian wildlife. With a team of skilled veterinarians, the centre treats approximately 2,000 wildlife patients annually, in addition to providing ongoing care for the Sanctuary’s resident animals. Visitors can witness the expert care provided through internal glass walls within the wildlife hospital, gaining insight into the rescue, diagnosis, rehabilitation, and release processes.

The centre’s commitment to wildlife extends beyond medical treatment, as it actively engages in cutting-edge research in conservation medicine, clinical wildlife medicine, and wildlife rehabilitation. Supported by funding from the Victorian Government, the Australian Wildlife Health Centre plays a crucial role in wildlife disease surveillance and frontline events such as bushfires. The facility also features a Future Vets zone where children can engage in interactive activities and learn about wildlife care, fostering a sense of compassion and stewardship for the natural world.

As part of Zoos Victoria, a renowned zoo-based conservation organization, the Australian Wildlife Health Centre embodies the ethos of fighting wildlife extinction through education, research, and community engagement. By providing immersive experiences for visitors of all ages and supporting breeding and recovery programs, Zoos Victoria aims to strengthen the bond between people and wildlife. Every visit, donation, or purchase made at the centre contributes to the organization’s mission of protecting wildlife and their habitats for future generations.