Detailed Information

Australian Clinical Labs is a prominent private provider of pathology services in Australia, boasting 73 accredited laboratories that collectively handle over 9 million episodes annually for clinicians and patients across various communities. With a strong focus on combining skilled personnel, medical and scientific expertise, innovative strategies, and advanced technologies, the company is dedicated to enhancing decision-making processes that ultimately save and enhance the lives of patients.

As one of the largest private hospital pathology entities in the nation, Australian Clinical Labs serves more than 90 public and private hospitals, including two of the three largest private hospital groups in Australia. The company offers a wide array of services tailored for doctors, patients, and corporate clients, with a particular emphasis on molecular testing and cutting-edge technologies that have revolutionized traditional pathology practices. Through a team of over 3,100 full-time employees, including 85 RCPA-accredited pathologists and 500 scientists, Australian Clinical Labs operates a network of 1,300 approved collection centres across Australia, ensuring convenient access for patients nationwide.

With a commitment to precision and personalized medicine, Australian Clinical Labs leverages its substantial investment in science and technology to provide innovative apps and tools that support healthcare professionals in managing patient health efficiently and confidentially. The company’s dedication to advancing the field of pathology and its unwavering focus on quality and accessibility have solidified its reputation as a trusted leader in the Australian healthcare landscape.